Dogs & Dates | Essential Tips For A Successful Dog Play Date
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Essential Tips For A Successful Dog Play Date

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Essential Tips For A Successful Dog Play Date

Choose playmates wisely

Ultimately staging a successful dog play date hinges upon determining a great and suitable playmate for your dog. The most important factor to consider is size. Even well behaved, sweet and well-intentioned dogs can often injure themselves accidentally when playing with a miss matched playmate concerning size. You will also want to take in other factors such as your dog’s age, temperament, and activity level when attempting to seek a playmate that is similar.

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Although it may seem much more convenient to host a play date in your house or your friend’s house, experts strongly advise against it.  It is better to seek and find a neutral location for your dogs. Why? This is done to avoid any issues with territorial behavior. If at all it is possible, do consider choosing a fenced area that will allow room for off-leash play.

First impressions matter


First impressions do matter even in the case of pets. The greeting is crucial as it will determine and set the tone for the whole playdate. So it is imperative to make it a positive one. Initially, during the greeting, tend to keep both dogs on leashes until and unless you observe no issues and later can remove the leashes when you are sure are there will cause no impending problems as well.

Keep all interactions supervised

Don’t let your dog interact and play with its playmate unsupervised. You are required to keep a close eye on both the dogs the whole time. This is necessary to intervene when and if behaviors of the dogs take an aggressive turn. But do bear in mind that regular dog play does look like aggressive behavior and wouldn’t want to break up the fun if it is merely good-natured roughhousing. Remember to keep your eyes out for symptoms of aggression such as baring teeth, growling and bristling fur. Since only you know your dog best and if your gut is telling you something is wrong, don’t hesitate and best break up the play date before things get out of hand.

get out of hand.

Provide snacks and refreshments

Since every party and get together demands snacks and refreshments, why should such an event for your pet any different? As long as neither dogs display symptoms of food aggression, feel free to provide a special treat.  Make sure you know what to give and not to give. Remember to give both dogs with plenty of accessible water.

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