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Health Benefits Owning A Pet

social interaction

Health Benefits Owning A Pet

Relieves stress

Often animals, particularly dogs are used to help individuals manage high levels of stress. Veterans of war suffering from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, anxious children and stressed out students are just a few among groups of people that experience lower stress levels when accompanied by the presence of a pet.

Encourages physical activity and being outdoors

physical activity

Dogs tend to support their owners to get out of the couch and house by indulging in simple activities with them such as throwing a Frisbee, running or by just walking outside. It is a confirmed fact stated by the American Heart Association that dogs help their owners stay active. Physical activity paired with outdoors presence maintains numerous health benefits such as reduction in stress; improve mental health and facilitating a healthy immune system.

Boosts heart health

Pets can boost the owner’s heart health as a result of increased physical activity. The American Heart Association confirms that dog owners reduce cardiovascular risks as pet owners walk their pets more as compared to non-pet owners. Owning pets is associated with benefits such as low blood pressure, lower risk of obesity, lower cholesterol levels and less stress, all of which have a positive impact on the heart.

Fights allergies

It is interesting to note that pets can serve as a barrier against allergies. How? Researchers suspect that children growing up with pets can strengthen the immune system and therefore helps children build good immunity against bacteria and pet allergens.

Promotes social interaction


Establishing and maintaining social connections are vital for our long-term health. It is often seen that people suffer a hard time when creating and maintaining relationships. Fortunately, owning pets serve as a great facilitator in making new connections and building social support, of which both are crucial for our health.

Improves emotional health

emotional health

Emotionally healthy individuals are defined as those who are self-confident, resilient and capable of developing healthy, stable relationships. Compared to non-pet owners, researched indicated that pet owners possess characteristics of high self- esteem, tend to more extroverted, less lonely, less preoccupied and less fearful of everyday life challenges. It is for the fact that pets helped owners feel much better after an incident in which they reported feeling rejected.

Keeps us present

Pets serve as a constant reminder to live in the present or in the moment as it is the only way they know how to live. We as humans tend to ruminate over the past and worry about the future whereas pets tend to live in the here and now. Their attention is on whatever is directly in front of them.

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