Dogs & Dates | Ideas For Planning A Double Date With Your Dogs
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Ideas For Planning A Double Date With Your Dogs

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Ideas For Planning A Double Date With Your Dogs

Go for a hike or camping trip

Take to the great outdoors for an adventurous and long walk on a trail and by dusk spend the night in a tent. Such activity is not only a great form of gaining some much-needed exercise for you and your dog but also serves as the perfect opportunity to get into a good conversation without any distractions so that you get to know each other better. The picture-perfect ambiance combined with absolute privacy of the woods is bonuses.

Plan a picnic


Seek a pet-friendly park and pack your picnic basket with some delicious shareable goodies along with some treats for the pooches as well. You can have some fun with the dogs in your picnic by bringing along a Frisbee or a ball to throw around. Most important of all, do not forget to bring the harnesses and leashes for your dog as nothing can kill the moment faster with your partner than hectically and frantically searching for your lost canine.

Hit the beach

Who doesn’t like beaches? Indulging a few hours in playing in the sand with waves splashing on your feet can be immense fun for both humans and dogs alike. But remember that playing under the hot sun can often lead to your dog becoming tired and dehydrated. So make sure you provide them with adequate shade and stay hydrated. Nick has definitely been doing this.

Make a toast

Make a toast

If you are not an outdoors person, it is okay. Instead, you can indulge your dog in a good old-fashioned cocktail date. There are many bars which allow people to bring their pets inside, patio seating and outside. Check with the establishment ahead of the date. Remember to bring a portable water bowl. If you are at a place that serves food, ensure nothing has dropped to the ground that your pet may consume. Most important of all, remember to drink in moderation so that you and your dog get home safe and sound.

Watch a movie

On lazy nights and rainy days, cuddling up on the couch by your respective pups on the side can be an alternative to the activities listed above or want a low fundamental way to end the night after a tiresome day out.

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